Sep 29

Meet Me (And #Collab) at Starbucks -



Starbucks launched its first brand campaign Monday, and it’s an ambitious effort focused on brand storytelling through collabs. “Meet Me at Starbucks” is a documentary and corresponding series of short films that tell the stories of what happens every day at Starbucks, shot in 59 different stores in 28 countries, using 39 local filmmakers, 10 local photographers and one director. The resulting interactive YouTube experience (and, soon, 60-second TV spot) are designed to bring a new level of life and texture to the corporate giant — and while results are still to be seen, this effort is a great example of what’s possible when you combine big ambitions and collaboration with emerging talent. 

Check out the YouTube experience here

Sep 25

Hello, Ello -



Ad-free social network Ello has seen a surge of activity recently, with the site doubling in size every 3-4 days. Since social networks are only as powerful as their, um, network, this rapid growth phase is a key one for the fledgling Ello.

Is the rise of Ello something real — or just a blip brought on by a RuPaul tweet (and the controversy over Facebook’s acceptance of drag performers’ personas as identities)? Only time will tell. For brands, it’s a reminder of the appeal the promise of “ad-free” holds for consumers — and the corresponding need for brands to go beyond advertising to provide content of value if they want to stay relevant.

Sep 23

“If you’re in the idea business, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. It matters if we care about the change you’re making.” — Seth Godin

Sep 02

Feminism and Advertising

The top three headlines in my daily Ad Age newsletter today were:

Female Empowerment in Ads: Soft Feminism or Soft Soap?

Forget ‘Real Beauty’: Ads for Skin-Whitening Beauty Products Just Won’t Die

Mattel Pushes Barbie as Model of Empowerment for Young Girls

Between Under Armour’s new campaign and Beyonce’s already-iconic VMA performance it’s safe to say feminism is having a moment in media. 

Ad Age is asking a good question, though — is this truly feminism, or pinkwashing? It’s something I struggle with as a marketer. 

Like any good liberal arts major I studied my fair share of feminist theory. And while these new marketing pushes are a far cry from “true” feminism, I can’t help but feel they are steps in the right direction — steps we should celebrate and encourage. No, it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly better than what came before

The feminist fight isn’t going to be won all at once — and it’s not going to be won by an ad campaign. But the ambient noise advertising makes in our culture can help push the true fight forward. And for that, I’m glad to call this progress.

Aug 05

#Collab With Kids -

A thing I wrote up for my team’s blog. Loving this activation from Toyota.


Toyota has once again tapped the kids of the world to share their ideas for the cars of the future. Toyota’s smart twist this year is to animate selected submissions and release one a day as Vines, as the “Dream Car of the Day” — fun, on-brand and eminently shareable content.

Aug 01

“The work that needs to be done is to create a product and a story that makes your customers want you to make the logo more prominent.” —

A spot-on spin of one of the most ubiquitous/infamous/cliché pieces of client design feedback: “It’s great, but can we make the logo bigger?” In a nutshell, as a social/content marketer, this is what I do.

Via Seth Godin


Jul 22

“That’s the real promise of social media — that we would indeed find our common humanity and act on that.” —

Hilary Clinton at Twitter headquarters, July 21, 2014


Jun 27

YouTube Fueling Creators & Collabs with New Tools -


This week at VidCon YouTube announced a slew of new tools for users, all designed to fuel the creative spark of the platform’s creators. TechCrunch has a good recap of all the new tools, but two of the most interesting are ones that will help enable more and richer #collabs.

Fan Funding works…

Jun 25

“This is the only technology in the world that allows people to behave as one in the world.” —

Biz Stone

I disagree with his assessment in this article that there’s nothing missing from Twitter — I think it needs better organizing tools, among other things — but this is a powerful quote.