Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy, and Tomorrow

Today’s horror is almost unspeakable. Hearts everywhere are broken for the victims and their families, whose grief most of us cannot begin to know.

What now, when 20 children have been gunned down in school?

Via the The New Yorker:

The President will likely visit a funeral or a memorial service and, at greater length, comfort the families of the victims, the community, and the nation. He will be eloquent. He will give voice to the common grief, the common confusion, the common outrage. But then what? A ‘conversation?’ Let there be a conversation. But also let there be decisive action from a President who is determined not only to feel our pain but, calling on the powers of his office, feel the urge to prevent more suffering.

Sign this petition to demand that the Obama administration finally pay attention to America’s gun problem.