Monday, January 14, 2013
Perhaps the core take-away, an important mantra for all entrepreneurs to hear in the era of noise, hype and ‘want-repreneurs’ is that startups shouldn’t believe ‘the hype and the BS’ that is swirling around the the Bay Area today. He talks about shying away from the idea of ‘virality’ and about delivering product value as often as possible without scamming your users and without relying on that ‘gut’ feeling.

TechCrunch summarizing Chamath Palihapitiya at the Growth Hackers Conference

Although he’s addressing entrepreneurs here, Chamath’s words are equally true for digital marketers. We need to dial back our obsession with creating “virality”  and focus on delivering value. That’s how you build connections with consumers in a crowded digital space — how you become memorable, trusted, and preferred. Value for users can take lots of forms, but it should always be the starting point for marketers.


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